Baby, It’s Cold Outside


The holidays. I just saw an advertisement for the upcoming Christmas cartoon specials, and am reminded of the days when we sat down and enjoyed Rudolph and Charlie Browns’ Christmas (gotta love the sick tree). Nowadays, it is busy with holiday business (the wine and spirits industry does 40% of their volume and sales in the last 75 days of the year), and working on restaurant floors, talking big wines for big appetites, comfort food for brisk weather. And then, the news from Connecticut.

This is a time for regaining innocence, for watching classics like ‘Miracle on 42nd Street’ or ‘A Christmas Story’; a time when all but the cynical of folks remember a lost youth that promised a bright and wonderful future. Unfortunately, this is a time of year when those battling their worst demons are unable to wrench free of them, deciding that life is not worth securing or possessing.

Wine, to me, is life. A result of the cycle of a grapevine, it brings hope, joy, and the promise of a future long after the season ends. Have a glass with family and friends, embrace the love that binds us, and never forget that, although it’s cold outside, inside, the forecast is warm and fuzzy.


About terroirradioandtv

I am constantly humbled by the fact that I get paid to drink, talk, and walk wine. After 25 years in both hospitality and the alcohol industry, this blog provides a little education, and, hopefully, a touch of humor and perception to the world of wine and spirits. You can also find me on our internet show, wineguystv, and on clear channel/iheart radio as a co-host with Keith Miller and Becky Creighton on a weekly wine and food show called vineanddineradio.
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