To Garry Steinke…thanks.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Earlier this week, we lost someone that was a pivotal figure in the Colorado wine scene, and it really shows that too often, our perception of of the world is far more bleak than the world itself. He was a kind, generous man. I remember the dinners at Tante Louise, where, once a year, the old hats of the wine and restaurant world in Denver would get together and open amazing bottles of vino, share stories about those who had come and gone, and express their thanks at the fact they are some of the luckiest bastards on earth. Why? To be in an industry where competitors were buddies and that the product was one that saved wars, and ignited long-standing friendships. One, where you walked in the door of a restaurant or wine shop, and the proprietor was happy to see you. As those reflected on the year, some were better off than others, and it showed. There were tense discussions amongst friends, not all was rosy. I can say, it was those individuals that shaped me and my views regarding this wonderful and unique subculture.

Unfortunately, that side of the business, what many in the industry refer to as ‘the business of wine, not the wine business’, can affect us more than we know. We shall never really understand how the pain became unbearable, but, one thing is certain…

The wine world is better for having known you. Thanks, Mr. Steinke.



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I am constantly humbled by the fact that I get paid to drink, talk, and walk wine. After 25 years in both hospitality and the alcohol industry, this blog provides a little education, and, hopefully, a touch of humor and perception to the world of wine and spirits. You can also find me on our internet show, wineguystv, and on clear channel/iheart radio as a co-host with Keith Miller and Becky Creighton on a weekly wine and food show called vineanddineradio.
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2 Responses to To Garry Steinke…thanks.

  1. Nicely said William, I just found out about the sad news. Garry always had a smile on his face and one of the guys who always treated me with great respect & attention even in my starting days in the business. His passion was obvious and he will be missed by many.

  2. Thank you William for the kind words for my father. He was my very best friend and I had a great opportunity to learn from one of the most gentle and kindest people in the world. He taught me to treat everyone with respect, and I was able to see first hand how integrity, honesty, and hard work could transcend from one’s personal life to one’s business affairs. I learned much from him and am very lucky to have been so close and worked alongside my best friend, and also count myself lucky to have met such amazing people through him, many of whom I still see each week. I see his passion and love each day through his many existing friendships and in the faces of those that miss him and will do my best to honor him by following all the lessons he showed me through the years.

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