My summer begins…

Ladies and Gents,

Memorial Day is behind us, my 12 year old is out of 6th Grade, which bodes a fun-filled summer. With the MS Exam over (congratulations to Sabato, Thomas, Roland, and Dennis), I am ready for a few weeks that aren’t dominated by wine, wine, and more study about wine. Admittedly, this is hard to do when your day job involves exactly that, but does allow for catching up on those missed episodes of ‘The Office’, and some well needed time with the family. Memorial Day was spent in Vegas, and, I was true to my word. No wine. Only cocktails. That $60 dollar Lail ‘Georgia’ on sale at First Food and Bar was bloody tempting, though…

The beautiful thing about wine is its’ patience. It will wait, ever ready to catch your warm embrace, bring you back into the fold. Old friend, let’s catch up soon. For those of you still drinking, what is your ‘old friend’ wine? Which wine is like meeting up with a buddy that you haven’t seen forever, but two minutes, and not a beat skipped?

Let me know.



About terroirradioandtv

I am constantly humbled by the fact that I get paid to drink, talk, and walk wine. After 25 years in both hospitality and the alcohol industry, this blog provides a little education, and, hopefully, a touch of humor and perception to the world of wine and spirits. You can also find me on our internet show, wineguystv, and on clear channel/iheart radio as a co-host with Keith Miller and Becky Creighton on a weekly wine and food show called vineanddineradio.
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