How are things…..?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

An awful lot has transpired in the last couple of weeks, so I apologize profusely for the lack of entries thus…but the news, compendiums, and overall keeping up with the Joneses has required attention. I feel as if I am in the middle of a fermentation tank at times, trying to keep above the blanket of gases that would prove to envelope and consume me, lest I stay on top of it…

So, the real question is, ‘How are things?’

Things in the wine world are many, fleeting and fine, and not too far off from the parallel universe the rest of us live in. I am constantly reminded that wine is not about us…take the following for an example. I am in San Francisco last week competing in the TopSomm finals (a quick congratulations to Marija Kovacheva and Roland Micu), and got the chance to spend the day with my daughter. I tell her that the next days’ competition has my nerves in a bit of a twist, and she replies: ‘You know, that wine stuff is pretty boring. Especially when we are at dinner. That’s all you talk about.’

Reality check, anyone?

Although wine is my universe, I need to remind myself that it isn’t necessarily anyone elses.

The real goal is to find wines that matter when things matter more than wine.

Wine is a thing, made painfully true by the utterings of the head buyer of Costco. A product, little different than the toilet paper we buy in huge quantities, at huge discounts, to wipe our huge a:#es…a necessary evil. But, I implore, still a product that drives the question; if you spent the rest of your life cleaning your backside (1 and a half years with the average lifespan), would it be with treebark or something soft, velvety, that made the day just a little brighter?

Wine. Love It. Live It. Dream It. It changes the world, even if it is only yours.




About terroirradioandtv

I am constantly humbled by the fact that I get paid to drink, talk, and walk wine. After 25 years in both hospitality and the alcohol industry, this blog provides a little education, and, hopefully, a touch of humor and perception to the world of wine and spirits. You can also find me on our internet show, wineguystv, and on clear channel/iheart radio as a co-host with Keith Miller and Becky Creighton on a weekly wine and food show called vineanddineradio.
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